Why Can't Americans Think?

Back in the late 60's - early 70's a great debate was waged over whether or not women should be drafted into the military. Basically, the two sides of the argument were these:
Yes. If men are drafted, then women should be, too.
No. Women should not be stuck in a foxhole with men.
Evidentally, it never occured to these shortsighted people that other options might exist.
For example: Draft women into the military but put them in non-combat positions. Most military personnel never get anywhere near a combat area. They are all the people who provide the supplies, paperwork, maintenance, etc.
The point of all this is that Americans seem to have lost the ability to think through a problem. Whether it be gun control, gay marriage, legalizing drugs, health care, or any other major (or minor) issue, Americans have let others do their thinking for them. Unfortunately, those others are usually extremists on both sides who have a personal agenda.
Come on, America. Learn to think!