Why Can't Americans Think?

Back in the late 60's - early 70's a great debate was waged over whether or not women should be drafted into the military. Basically, the two sides of the argument were these:
Yes. If men are drafted, then women should be, too.
No. Women should not be stuck in a foxhole with men.
Evidentally, it never occured to these shortsighted people that other options might exist.
For example: Draft women into the military but put them in non-combat positions. Most military personnel never get anywhere near a combat area. They are all the people who provide the supplies, paperwork, maintenance, etc.
The point of all this is that Americans seem to have lost the ability to think through a problem. Whether it be gun control, gay marriage, legalizing drugs, health care, or any other major (or minor) issue, Americans have let others do their thinking for them. Unfortunately, those others are usually extremists on both sides who have a personal agenda.
Come on, America. Learn to think!


  1. I totally agree with your way of thinking! I think as a society we are spoiled with everything being handed to us and quickly, like 'fast food'. The media is every where you do not want them to be judging us like they have the right to. 1st Amendment or not there is a reason for the separation between church and state!!

    Plus, these women should get the same equal pay as men! No glass ceiling!!
    Many citizens are driving around ignorantly and almost comtatose it seems.

    I think women should have the option to do whatever a man can do. If they have the training and intelligence. It is their choice!!

  2. I think part of the problem is that there is plenty of thinking going on and lots of viable solutions. However there are too many hindrances in the form of red tape, laws, regulations, lobbyists, special interests, et al that stand in the way of getting much of anything done.
    the Love Poem was brutal.

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  3. This is a tough one. I personally don't want, and cannot afford, to be drafted into the military. If both men and women were drafted who would be left to care for the children? At my age though I have nothing to worry about. Women do have the choice though to enlist. And they do. I think, with all information I have been provided, that we should keep it at that. If a woman wants to enlist, work hard and compete with any group than it should be based on performance. Not much to ask.

  4. I touched upon the military issue and understand there are more issues at hand. I wish we lived in a society where freedom on all issues wouldn't cause such upheaval. Guns...not everyone should have one. That's just common sense. Think about it. Don't you know some people who probably shouldn't own a gun so easily? But then again, if someone wants to kill you they will find a way. Gun laws don't stop the crazies but maybe it will stunt it. Recklessness comes into mind. What about the poachers? That's not right. Legalizing pot...not sure about this one since it can cause problems with health, eduction, and productivity. Then again, we could get some tax income from that along with what we get from alcohol and tobacco. But how many times have you heard "the man was high on marijuana and killed his entire family before turning the gun on himself" on the news? Gay marriage...Who gives a shit, let them get married. They have no less of a chance with that one. They hold no threat that I can see. There are many ways of looking at an "issue" but odds are we have simple solutions that have not been totally realized yet. We have reason to fear fear. Fear stunts as well as protects.