Okay, I didn't want to talk about Tiger Woods and his personal problems. After all, everyone else already is. And that's the problem. Isn't this a matter between him and his wife? Is it any of our business? I don't think so.
So instead I'll just comment on what I see as the real question, the one thing that nobody else is talking about.
Why are we so fascinated with the personal life of a guy just because he can hit a little, white ball into a hole? Does the fact that he's good at it raise him to a place where his personal life affects us? No! But off we go, filling our news programs with hourly updates about who claims what was done and who did what and to who, etc. This is time and effort that could be better spent on important matters like international events that might affect our nation, or at least give us insight into the rest of the world.
We should really ask ourselves why we have become a society that prefers tabloid news over real journalism, why an athlete's sex life is more interesting to us than the things that actually affect us.
Come on, people. Learn to think.