Truth Is Truth

It is a plain and simple fact that truth is truth no matter where it comes from.

We humans have a weird quirk - we tend to believe people we like and/or respect, and disbelieve people we don't. We also tend to grant validity to a person's opinions based on their position in the world. This is idiocy.

I've often wondered why the people in the pews nod their heads in acceptance at every word the preacher says. Does his position at the front of the church grant him certain abilities denied to the rest of us? Has God given him special insights into the Bible that the rest of cannot possess? If we have a brain and the ability to read, aren't our interpretations as valid as his? Perhaps we think that he must know more than we because he has studied longer. Well, that is just not true. He has not really "studied" at all. He has just been taught by someone who was taught by someone else who - and on and on. And bear this in mind: every new sect of a religion was started when someone didn't agree with his teacher. Martin Luther comes to mind.

And isn't it curious how we believe someone just because they wrote a book? We see an author on a talk show expounding his theories as fact, and say, " I did not know that. But it must be true. After all, he wrote a book."

Of course, the opposite is also true. We often deny validity to a person's opinion based on their profession. For example, an actor takes a stand on something, and we say, "What does he know? He's just an actor." As if being an actor prohibits him from rational thought.

Now don't misunderstand me. Sometimes the preacher and the author are right, and sometimes the actor is an idiot. But it's not automatic. A wise man can be foolish, and a moron can get it right once in a while.

Remember, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Do your own research, make your own analysis, and learn to think for yourself.


  1. We are so bombarded with information from every media source that sometimes its hard to verify everything that you read or hear. That when a good dose of logic and common sense are helpful. It's good to be well educated but alway leave some room open for doubt. And just because you saw it on the internet doesn't make it so. I think about all those crazy emails people forward that when you check them out on Snopes or something like that they are usually not true. But is always right?

  2. I think you are absolutely right about researching our decisions better, such as with regards to religion! I am a spiritual person, but that comes from my heart and daily experiences with wonderful people in society. I have taken lots of world religions courses in college and I have to say there is a piece of great knowledge within most of them. For example, Buddhism is very similar to Christs teachings.

    I say follow your own heart and head, because they are the only things that matter. I love they way you think. I actually put myself throught junior college by working at Baskin-Robbins. Some ethnicities I noctice would only order certain flavors and they would not stray and try something new. I say use ever color in the crayon box of life, because you never know what you might be missing out on.

  3. A broken clock is right twice a day...depending on the type of clock it is I guess. We live in a society where social standing, influence, or whatever will gain more respect or attention than the truth. Mass confusion is my guess. "When in doubt, find the easiest route." Unfortunately, there is much damage, irreversable damage, that can occur when this happens. As far as clergy, I think we, as a society, need good leaders. If you find someone who speaks clearly and helps you along the way, stick with it. If you don't agree, move on. I have my point of views but am not one to lead in that arena. It's not an easy job. Someone once told me "That the best man for the job isn't always the one who interviewed better."

  4. I personally don't believe everything the preachers says and i don't just go wih the flow. i think for myself whether that makes me popular or not. I think there is alot of truth in many religions butnot one is "right" I figuer if God wants me to know something, he'll let me know in his way and time.